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Acoustic Optimization was founded around a patented proprietary process called “Acoustic Optimization” (AO1™), invented to improve the acoustic resonance and amplitude of acoustic guitars and other fine wooden instruments.

In addition to our AO1™ process, we now have available “Ultra Seasoned” wood that for the first time brings the AO1™ process to the guitar manufacturing end. You can learn more about the application of AO1™ by selecting the links below.

The Acoustic Optimization (AO1™) process takes the top wood of not-so-old guitars and other hollow stringed instruments and makes it forget that it was ever a tree. The result is an significant increase in dynamic range, playability, volume, richness and tonal balance. We assist guitars in finding their true “voice.”

Read more about our patented AO1™ Process.

Our new “Ultra Seasoned” technology duplicates the kind of seasoning that would happen naturally in the field. While it looks the same and smells the same as other virgin top quality woods, its sonic response is faster with a broader tonal response. Its tap tone is a very sweet ringing rather than the usual slightly gong-like tone of good top wood.

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